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We do a wide range of accounting and book-keeping services with a 10 years of experience in this field. Accounting and payroll services. Tax planning and advising with financial services and cross-checking’s, invoicing. Representation in front of the tax authorities and preparing the tax reports for the company.

Working together with other professionals we could arrange your company’s set up, legal and tax advice. Registered seat and virtual office service. Please check our web page:

Our office has long been proficiently helping foreign citizens with taxation matters in Hungary. We offer our services in accountancy and tax representation to businesses established in Hungary. We also carry out the trial balance and annual report - balance sheet in English. We specially deal with foreign individuals’ taxation matters on residential property lettings in Hungary. Gather information from here about the procedure.

In Hungary to let a property legally a Hungarian tax number is required of the owner. If you have decided to make a contract with our office, first we will need two general ’letters of authorization’ and two ’letters of authorization for tax number’ filled in and signed by you and also two copies of your passport. After receiving these documents, we will demand the Hungarian tax number for you.

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